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short-lived 90s teen shows with cult followings

so i watched the first episodes my so called life and freaks and geeks

my so-called life



claire danes and jared leto were in this. it ran from life 94-95 and everything was really grungy and they had really cool clothes. basically 15 year old claire danes is this girl named angela who was really good and was in yearbook but then she starts hanging out with this bi guy and some other homeless girl and she dyes her hair red, quits yearbook, gets into fights with her mother, has a crush on jared leto (who was really cute),has this cute nerdy neighbour who looks like young joseph gordon levitt with an afro and goes to parties and drinks and almost gets arrested. this show makes you sympathise with everyone. from my description, claire danes sounds really annoying but i could understand her character’s frustrations and i could sympathise with her loser ex best friend and her parents, who have complicated stories as well. i would totally watch this. apparently it got cancelled because the network wasn’t sure about continuing it and claire danes didn’t want to return for a second season. so life sucks. my so-called life sucks. haha okay moving on

freaks and geeks



so i’ve heard lots of awesome stuff about this show. it ran in like 2000 and there was marshall from himym! james franco! seth rogen! young sweets from bones! it was really good. it basically followed linda cardellini as lindsay (who has since faded into oblivion) who was a geek and young sweets was her little brother and a geek too and marshall, seth rogen and james franco were freaks who basically were just stoners and then lindsay became a ‘freak’. obviously it was much more than that it was funny and heartwarming and there was a special needs kid but i found him really hot. (obviously the actor doesn’t REALLY have special needs) THIS IS HIM NOW IT’S BEN FOSTER LOOK AT HIS FACE WOWImage

you’re welcome for his face


I watch a lot of tv

the season premiere of community was interesting… this episode was really self aware (more so than usual). they tackled the topic of change. this could be seen as abed’s anxiety over the study group leaving greendale but it could symbolise the change happening on  the show. the show runner dan harmon is leaving and so is chevy chase. in the end, Jeff saved the day (he actually didn’t; he was about to make the ending speech to get abed out of his dream zone (i’ll explain that) but abed made it for him in his head) by explaining that things would change but so had the study group and change is scary and everyone is changing, etc… the show had it’s usual comical elements with abed going into his dream zone (abed tv) after Britta told him to go to his happy place to deal with his anxiety about change, but everyone on abed tv still graduating and abed tv abed going into his dream zone which was like baby greendale or something, where everyone was a baby looney-toones style version of themselves and Leonard and the dean cross dressing (he was the hunger games lady and did the tango with Jeff and had muscular guys with unicorn horns pull him in a carriage and moved into the apartment next to Jeff), Annie and Shirley doing a senior prank and Annie worrying about everything and Britta and Troy (their relationship happened so fast!) making wishes in a fountain and the episode ended with a SURPRISE CHANG shirtless (wait no lol i think he was naked but we didn’t see too much) and giving a mailman this Image (hangover deja vu)
(because remember the last season ended with him losing control of greendale and his army of 12 year olds). I really loved seeing everyone back again, but this episode really seemed like it was just re-establishing everything. that’s great, but i want to see the greendale of seasons before. less meta bullshit and references to the real world. i really hope this was a one-off things and community gets over it and we go back to paintball wars, troy and abed in the morning and the dean popping in with elaborate costumes (DEAN-DONG!) 
i dont feel like talking about anything else. now i’ll watch my so called life, this short lived grungy mid 90s tv show with claire danes and jared leto. hopefully it won’t be a complete disappointment. maybe next i’ll talk about firefly (SPACE COWBOYS and YOUNG NATHAN FILLION *dies*
also i hate big bang theory now they have become so dumb and annoying the characters are they’re own stereotypes


what if the world was all fake and everything dissolved into nothingness and it was all white and i was the only person left what would i do what if i had no food actually yes what if i had no food if there was something i could eat ie your babies or YOU then i would eat it but i were alone i think i would rather starve than eat myself i really dont have the strength thats why i really hope i never experience war or anything that would cause me to suffer like that because I WOULD BE THE FIRST TO GO trust me what if i shrunk like how they shrink sometimes on the magic schoolbus i would climb into your stomach and CUT IT so you die a slow and painful death i would do TINY CUTS so no doctor could save you who are you you dont even know yourself what if you were a rabbit what if rabbits called us rabbits and themselves humans what if we were all characters in a book like in that annoying philosophy book Sophie’s world dont read it sophie sucks she really does i got so annoyed and books are boring ain’t nobody got time for that actually a lot of people do maybe you do you probably do since you’re reading this i realise i have started using punctuation this is getting worse what if i start using full sentences would you cry would you 


Hello yes

yes hi i am aly so i made this to copy khym because i am procrastinating on all the homeworks hmm yes maybe i should be doing them but maybe you should be doing other things besides reading this hmm maybe you should go your homeworks practice what you preach huh asshole whoa there dont get nasty i was talking to someone else punctuation is overrated and so is saying the word overrated but so is doing hipster shit like calling things overrated things twice whoa that got so meta dude i hate the word meta the next time someone says the word meta to me i will pull out their intestines and feed them to your children mmhmmm thats right your children not their children because your children are ugly unless you are my mother because i find her eldest daughter particularly ravishing whoa self five *five* what if you lost a finger wouldnt you find high fives offensive i shure wood I FORGOT HOW TO SPELL SHOURE omg i spelt it okay phew thought i was losing my mind haha wait no thats not the spelling ahahahahhaa i really thought it was the spelling maybe i am losing my mind sure sure sure sure i feel like a chinese teacher hai zi men gai ni de cuo bie zi i really hate corrections im on the phone with audrey teong now she finally called me whoaa she has a lot of emotions maybe i should transcribe the conversation and breach her privacy no purely for the reason that i cannot type that fast i also cannot think and talk at the same time so im only responding with that sucks hahahah teong speaking cantonese hahahahahaaahhaaha fjblwjbfldkajlhw i will eat your babies