Hello yes

yes hi i am aly so i made this to copy khym because i am procrastinating on all the homeworks hmm yes maybe i should be doing them but maybe you should be doing other things besides reading this hmm maybe you should go your homeworks practice what you preach huh asshole whoa there dont get nasty i was talking to someone else punctuation is overrated and so is saying the word overrated but so is doing hipster shit like calling things overrated things twice whoa that got so meta dude i hate the word meta the next time someone says the word meta to me i will pull out their intestines and feed them to your children mmhmmm thats right your children not their children because your children are ugly unless you are my mother because i find her eldest daughter particularly ravishing whoa self five *five* what if you lost a finger wouldnt you find high fives offensive i shure wood I FORGOT HOW TO SPELL SHOURE omg i spelt it okay phew thought i was losing my mind haha wait no thats not the spelling ahahahahhaa i really thought it was the spelling maybe i am losing my mind sure sure sure sure i feel like a chinese teacher hai zi men gai ni de cuo bie zi i really hate corrections im on the phone with audrey teong now she finally called me whoaa she has a lot of emotions maybe i should transcribe the conversation and breach her privacy no purely for the reason that i cannot type that fast i also cannot think and talk at the same time so im only responding with that sucks hahahah teong speaking cantonese hahahahahaaahhaaha fjblwjbfldkajlhw i will eat your babies


3 thoughts on “Hello yes

  1. iamkf says:

    hahahhahahahahha nasie

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