what if the world was all fake and everything dissolved into nothingness and it was all white and i was the only person left what would i do what if i had no food actually yes what if i had no food if there was something i could eat ie your babies or YOU then i would eat it but i were alone i think i would rather starve than eat myself i really dont have the strength thats why i really hope i never experience war or anything that would cause me to suffer like that because I WOULD BE THE FIRST TO GO trust me what if i shrunk like how they shrink sometimes on the magic schoolbus i would climb into your stomach and CUT IT so you die a slow and painful death i would do TINY CUTS so no doctor could save you who are you you dont even know yourself what if you were a rabbit what if rabbits called us rabbits and themselves humans what if we were all characters in a book like in that annoying philosophy book Sophie’s world dont read it sophie sucks she really does i got so annoyed and books are boring ain’t nobody got time for that actually a lot of people do maybe you do you probably do since you’re reading this i realise i have started using punctuation this is getting worse what if i start using full sentences would you cry would you 


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