short-lived 90s teen shows with cult followings

so i watched the first episodes my so called life and freaks and geeks

my so-called life



claire danes and jared leto were in this. it ran from life 94-95 and everything was really grungy and they had really cool clothes. basically 15 year old claire danes is this girl named angela who was really good and was in yearbook but then she starts hanging out with this bi guy and some other homeless girl and she dyes her hair red, quits yearbook, gets into fights with her mother, has a crush on jared leto (who was really cute),has this cute nerdy neighbour who looks like young joseph gordon levitt with an afro and goes to parties and drinks and almost gets arrested. this show makes you sympathise with everyone. from my description, claire danes sounds really annoying but i could understand her character’s frustrations and i could sympathise with her loser ex best friend and her parents, who have complicated stories as well. i would totally watch this. apparently it got cancelled because the network wasn’t sure about continuing it and claire danes didn’t want to return for a second season. so life sucks. my so-called life sucks. haha okay moving on

freaks and geeks



so i’ve heard lots of awesome stuff about this show. it ran in like 2000 and there was marshall from himym! james franco! seth rogen! young sweets from bones! it was really good. it basically followed linda cardellini as lindsay (who has since faded into oblivion) who was a geek and young sweets was her little brother and a geek too and marshall, seth rogen and james franco were freaks who basically were just stoners and then lindsay became a ‘freak’. obviously it was much more than that it was funny and heartwarming and there was a special needs kid but i found him really hot. (obviously the actor doesn’t REALLY have special needs) THIS IS HIM NOW IT’S BEN FOSTER LOOK AT HIS FACE WOWImage

you’re welcome for his face

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