Why Does Everyone Care So Much About Miley Cyrus


disclaimer this is just a rant and not very organised

1) I can see the whole argument people make where she is appropriating black culture. The way she is coming from a position of privilege makes her appropriation seem condescending. All the black women performing with her in the VMAs seemed to be more like props and her twerking is terrible and not twerking. And all of this has thrust this part of the culture into the faces of ignorant old people who judge it and immediately brush it off as trashy. BUT I think she knows that she is shocking these people as this completely flips their view of her as the ‘innocent white girl’ and confuses them. Also yes cultural appropriation sucks but the whole 1920s flapper thing  and Elvis Presley’s music was all taken from black culture and warped.`

2)But what about the children??? This is really dumb like there are so many things way more provocative than Miley Cyrus if you don’t like them so much shield your own child stop being so lazy and blaming people. And yeah she was Hannah Montana but it’s not like Disney is still touting her as a role model seriously Hannah Montana has been off for so long what stupid child still watches it and looks up to her there are so many more current things they look up to.

3)Her music is terrible and meaningless and she cannot sing. THANKS FOR YOUR SUPREME JUDGEMENT NOW THAT YOU HAVE PASSED THE VERDICT OF GOOD OR BAD WE CAN FINALLY KNOW WHETHER OR NOT TO RESPECT MILEY CYRUS THANKS. And her music is meaningful listen to her album!! We Can’t Stop OBVIOUSLY is talking about how nobody can judge her and make her do what they want! And who says music has to be super meaningful? Tell me what Lionel Richie’s Dancing on The Ceiling means! And listen to her backyard covers SHE SINGS GOOD.

4)She is such a SLUT! Um have you paid attention to any of the other people at the VMAs? Or even Madonna? They have all done way more provocative things years ago, Miley isn’t doing anything new. It just shocks people because she has only been known as Billy Ray Cyrus’s Disney child star daughter and suddenly she is sexualised, unlike these other people whose childhoods we have not seen.

I think Miley KNOWS what she is doing and she is using it to her advantage to shock people. You could ask yourself why she would want to build up this kind of image for herself, but she has spent her entire life in a world where image is just that- an image, an exterior that can be changed.


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