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Stupid Politicians & White After Labour Day

-Before I actually start my rant, a side note about the ‘no white after Labour Day rule’. I was thinking about this because the Legally Blonde musical has been stuck in my head for two weeks now and at one point Elle mentions it. Then I realised I actually have no idea where this strange rule came from and I googled it. Basically, after the American Civil War, rich women found that more people were getting rich and wanted to separate the young money from the snobby old money. So they created many ridiculous fashion rules to tell them apart, one of which was this rule. Somehow from a couple hundred of them, it trickled down to everyone. Those snobby ladies would be horrified. Upon further reflection I have realised the PAP don’t follow this rule! Haha-

Okay, so for real. Recently the HPB updated their FAQ page to include parts about sexuality.  I was actually super moved when I read it because it is SO GOOD it was actual information that didn’t say homosexuality was abnormal or anything I did not expect this from the HPB at all.


Look so amazing! Anyway everyone was like ‘yay’! At least the ‘everyone’ I know but I stupidly decided to read the inSing article on it and read what some stupid people said and it made me so angry. Very stupid Facebook user “Serene Ho” wrote: “I am aghast to see this webpage that seems to support homosexuality on the Health Promotion Board website. Pardon my ignorance but I cannot understand how this webpage can help Singapore to build stable families which consist of a man and a woman as parents for our young children.” SHE JUST SAID SHE WAS IGNORANT. SHE KNOWS THAT IS IS IGNORANT. What even. Read that annoying Pastor Lawrence Khong’s post on it if you like more ignorant things ugh . I don’t understand why these people are so obsessed with nuclear families. 

AND THEN my MP (I’m pretty sure he’s my MP) Lim Biow Chuan said some stupid things. 
“Mr Lim also felt that some of the answers in the FAQ seemed to present opinions as facts. He cited the answer provided to the question “Can homosexuals have long-lasting relationships?”, which was: “Yes, homosexuals can certainly have long-lasting relationships. A homosexual relationship, like any other relationship, is based on values like trust, love, commitment and support.” Mr Lim said there were no conclusive studies supporting this statement and added that it could have captured the diverse views on the issue. “From what I have read, there are really diverse opinions to it, so when there are diverse opinions, you have to honest about it- that some people feel this way, some people feel it the other way- and let readers judge for themselves,” he said.”
OKAY 1) how articulate 2) So a heterosexual couple’s relationship is automatically based on values like trust, love, commitment and support?

All of this is ridiculous because all that FAQ provides are FACTS. They aren’t opinions. They’re telling to HPB to take down FACTS? And they harp on about being ‘pro-family’ but would probably reject their children if they were gay. These people can have whatever bigoted OPINIONS they want but to use their political platforms to push their religious agenda (Lim Biow Chuan is a church leader) -which seeks to discriminate and deny people their rights- they CANNOT do. Singapore is a SECULAR country? I really do not understand why our ministers seem to only represent the middle class Chinese, Christian Singaporeans (Christians make up only 18% of our population, a surprising statistic. I really thought they were like 60%)

And then (okay this is the part I wanted to talk about in the first place wow this has taken quite a while wow I’m quite annoyed right now) Baey Yam Keng said that the FAQs lacked “Asian values of family”. OKAY. I read a book about this in the holidays it’s called What Your Teacher Didn’t Tell You, which sounds like a crappy sensationalist book with dumb facts but it’s actually just a very badly titled collection of lectures by Malaysian academic Farish A. Noor, who happens to be gay. Anyway, I was unaware about this before because we NEVER learn about in school, but South East Asia had a very very colourful history. But all that changed when the Fire Nation attacked. I mean, when the British colonised. Before Islam (which actually only showed up here in the 18th Century I think? So much earlier than I thought), the people here were all extremely Indian influenced and were more chill about sexuality and stuff (tell that to some of my relatives and the Indian government who brought back the stupid colonial ban on gay sex). It’s 1am and I have to wake up early tomorrow so I won’t bother to go check it but there was something about a prince/princess with an extremely fluid gender identity (omg we are not even talking about trans* rights in Singapore) and girls and guys were attracted to her/him and everyone was cool with it. Something along those lines but much longer and more cheem. Anyway so don’t give me that Asian values crap. Don’t blame your bigotry on a nonexistent tradition and admit that it is because your religion and/or ignorance and has no basis in a secular country. 

There is so much more I can say, but basically all of this arguing is pointless. Gay rights are not an ‘opinion’ someone has, that is like saying racial equality is an ‘opinion’. They are called rights for a reason and I’m disgusted that the ignorant people who lead our community, who can profess to want to build a ‘democratic society, based on justice and equality’, deprive people of just that. Especially in the light of what is happening in Russia recently, and in so many other places in the world where being gay can get you raped or killed or beaten up, this is reflective of the intolerance of our politicians and society, and is a reason why no matter how many new buildings they build, or how much they try to expand the arts scene with their weird social engineering, we are simply not a first world country. To end on a positive note, views in Singapore are changing. A few years ago the HPB didn’t even TALK about this let alone make an amazing FAQ. Also outside of the government, more and more Singaporeans are trying to create social change themselves. 

(okay not ending yet) All this said though, today I was in Chingay and played ukelele with old people from community centres all around Singapore. The whole thing is super PAP but it was fun and the getai float was in front of us and it sounded great and seeing all the performers and talking to the cute old people (one old lady said Chingay was ‘lame’ she had white hair and she used the world lame) makes me remember the nice parts of Singapore. And all the ministers were watching and as I walked past I thought ‘assholes’ and that gave me so much satisfaction. (okay done)

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CNY Procrastination Movies

CNY holidays just passed and I got a little bit of money (I need to sneak into Chinese homes and receive more money) Anyway I did no visiting and had four whole days to catch up on work, so of course I did just that! Just kidding, I did the opposite of that and did zero work! (That’s not the complete truth I started catching up on my Theatre journal and stopped… half… way.) My mother was just in my room giving me the daily lecture how I have to focus on my work, IB is next year blah blah and she said stuff about how I can focus on my work first and then watch tv shows/ tumblr/ waste my life later. That sounds deceptively easy. I WANT to do that but I just cannot bring myself to? It’s a serious problem I don’t know why I cannot just will myself to do work this has been going on forever and over time I haven’t gotten better at managing time I’ve gotten better at doing last minute work this is HORRIBLE habit but I cannot stop it is an actual problem and it’s not just me I have many friends who have the same exact problem? I read some article about how procrastinators procrastinate because they’re just really scared to do work because it might not be good enough. That sounds nice but how do I stop this? Really please help. Anyway this is procrastination and here are some of my opinions on two movies I watched during the CNY holidays. 

                                                                                              Steel Magnolias

This movie is the 1989 one (they did a 2012 remake with black people instead, Queen Latifah was in it but I didn’t watch that one). This one had a lot of super cool people in it like baby Julia Roberts, Sally Fields, and Dolly Parton! I did not know this but Dolly Parton was really pretty before she got that plastic surgery. Anyway this movie is about a group of ladies going through LIFE in the SOUTH. The title kind of explains it they’re supposed to be frail Southern ladies so magnolias but they go through lots of stuff and they’re strong like steel. Sally Fields is Julia Roberts mother and Dolly Parton is a hairdresser and she has this other assistant and they have to other old lady friends and they just go through life. The movie isn’t a story about an event it just goes to different events in their lives.  The tone of the whole movie was really nice and it has super good complementary music. I guess this could be described as a chick flick? But not the girl gets guy kind more like the kind you would watch with your mother and cry together about. I did cry in the movie it was really really sad at one part. But it balances out with the laughter and friendship part. It was a really good movie. Rotten Tomatoes gave it 67% but I give it 74% because it was nice. 

From Up On Poppy Hill

This is a Studio Ghibli movie! I LOVE Studio Ghibli and I love this movie but it is not the epic fantasies they usually put out like Princess Mononoke (my favourite!!) or Spirited Away (Grave of The Fireflies is not an epic fantasy but quite drama so I’m including it) This one’s set in Japan after the war before the 1964 Tokyo Olympics. It’s bit more low key and directed by the younger Miyazaki. It’s about a girl named Umi whose father was a captain of a ship but his ship sank during the Korean war but his body was never found and her mother is studying in America and she lives in a boarding house with her siblings and raises flags every day facing the docks, hoping that her father will see them and answer her. So (according to the movie I don’t know these things) at that time Japan was trying to push back the past and move to modernity with the Olympics and in Umis school there are some boys who have this weird old house which houses all the academic CCAs but only for boys? and it’s under threat of being demolished. And there is a super cute boy there really he is very very cute and they kind of have a crush on each other and she helps out there. Then there is a PLOT TWIST but I cannot tell you it would ruin it. When I realised the plot twist I screamed ‘WHAT’ a lot it was really a shock and had the potential to be handled terribly but it was handled okay and I really liked the movie it was sweet and nostalgic and I really like the tone of the whole thing. Rotten Tomatoes gives this 83% and I give it the same it was pretty good not fantastic but still very enjoyable. 

Anyway in between writing this I did all the work I have due tomorrow I really have to figure out this procrastination thing and these movies are nice and you should watch them

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