stupid guy is ignorant

I read this really stupid article and it made me angry so I blog about it/practice for ARC critiques with it (jk this is very disorganised I would do badly if this were an ARC critique)

‘Why persecuting homosexuals is all the rage in the developing world’ by Damian Thompson

Could it be colonialism and it’s oppressive laws and religious impacts? Could it be the spread of the evangelical movement by Americans with burning homophobia? No, it MUST be that they are jealous of the developed West. (I’m talking mainly about the SE Asian side of things because that’s all I know)

Apparently this guy hates getting accused of racism when he argues about gay rights in Asian and Middle Eastern countries and says this is why people feel more comfortable arguing for gay rights in Russia. I’m so sorry you feel uncomfortable sticking up for people’s rights. But you know, getting accused of racism is hard, we should all just ignore people being oppressed. This guy gave a quick passing mention of the influence of the conservative West on the persecution of homosexuals but moved on to his main point which is that the MAIN reason, which HE would know of course, is that developing countries are jealous of the rich West and need something else to go against it. He notes that the only anti-gay country that isn’t economically stagnant is India. The ONLY. ‘Note that China, preoccupied by money, can’t be bothered to climb aboard the anti-gay bandwagon.’ Yes, because what other reasons do Asians have to not be homophobic? Surely the only reason is money. He says they need something else to unite against the West because anti colonialism is struggling. He is partially right on that, it is struggling. Because many of these countries accepting COLONIAL laws. Progressive gay rights in the West (which is EXTREMELY divided okay so go talk about yourself) are NOT a ‘neo-imperialist assault on their ancient way of life’ (a ridiculous assumption-like this guy even knows about ‘their ancient way of life’). A lot of anti gay laws came from colonial times and evangelical influence. (Read How American evangelicals made life unbearable for gays in Uganda ) Oftentimes their ‘ancient way of life’ was a lot more accepting than yours. Obviously I am not advocating these laws, or completely shifting the blame to the West. But the ignorance in his article was astounding and annoying and I was annoyed about it so I had to write this. 

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