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So we had a discussion in school about arts as a livelihood in school today and I still have some questions that I really have NO ANSWER to 

1) Does Mediacorp realise it sucks? I have yet to get through any Channel 5 or 8 show without cringing every few minutes. Do people approve the scripts? WHO is writing there? (He Lao hahaha)

2) Theoretically our government should be our representatives why are they more like kinda friendly dictators? What happened??

3) Do these people making the renaissance plan seriously expect a thriving arts scene with them breathing down people’s necks censoring things and not funding struggling artists enough? (Actually I do have an answer for that, they’ve half given up and focus on importing our art. like MBS’ Lightseeker, whatever that is, like they import our athletes)

4)How can they go on about increasing acceptance and appreciation for the arts when the principal of an ARTS SCHOOL says only half of the graduating cohort (who did very well) got ‘quality grades’ (okay this point is just because I need to say that that was TERRIBLE word choice and reflective of her attitudes towards what constitutes success)