I watch a lot of tv

the season premiere of community was interesting… this episode was really self aware (more so than usual). they tackled the topic of change. this could be seen as abed’s anxiety over the study group leaving greendale but it could symbolise the change happening on  the show. the show runner dan harmon is leaving and so is chevy chase. in the end, Jeff saved the day (he actually didn’t; he was about to make the ending speech to get abed out of his dream zone (i’ll explain that) but abed made it for him in his head) by explaining that things would change but so had the study group and change is scary and everyone is changing, etc… the show had it’s usual comical elements with abed going into his dream zone (abed tv) after Britta told him to go to his happy place to deal with his anxiety about change, but everyone on abed tv still graduating and abed tv abed going into his dream zone which was like baby greendale or something, where everyone was a baby looney-toones style version of themselves and Leonard and the dean cross dressing (he was the hunger games lady and did the tango with Jeff and had muscular guys with unicorn horns pull him in a carriage and moved into the apartment next to Jeff), Annie and Shirley doing a senior prank and Annie worrying about everything and Britta and Troy (their relationship happened so fast!) making wishes in a fountain and the episode ended with a SURPRISE CHANG shirtless (wait no lol i think he was naked but we didn’t see too much) and giving a mailman this Image (hangover deja vu)
(because remember the last season ended with him losing control of greendale and his army of 12 year olds). I really loved seeing everyone back again, but this episode really seemed like it was just re-establishing everything. that’s great, but i want to see the greendale of seasons before. less meta bullshit and references to the real world. i really hope this was a one-off things and community gets over it and we go back to paintball wars, troy and abed in the morning and the dean popping in with elaborate costumes (DEAN-DONG!) 
i dont feel like talking about anything else. now i’ll watch my so called life, this short lived grungy mid 90s tv show with claire danes and jared leto. hopefully it won’t be a complete disappointment. maybe next i’ll talk about firefly (SPACE COWBOYS and YOUNG NATHAN FILLION *dies*
also i hate big bang theory now they have become so dumb and annoying the characters are they’re own stereotypes

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